L V Neverfull Bag (1:1) #7320d – Replica Designer Bags



L V Neverfull Bag (1:1) #7320d – Replica Designer Bags



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  • Size: 32 x 29 x 17 cm
  • Delivery: 7-15 days (DHL/EMS)
  • (1:1 Original Quality)


The redesigned inner bag features a fresh fabric lining and vintage details. The most commendable is the removable zipper clutch, which can be used alone as a delicate clutch Can also be used as an extra pocket. Brightly lined tones add more liveliness to Monogram’s classic canvas. 32 x 29 x 17 cm (L x H x W)-Redesigned interior pocket with details -Linen lining pockets
-Removable zip clutch with tonal interior pocket -Natural cowhide trim-Shiny gold-tone hardware

The top-grade high-quality bags are all imported special fabrics (developed by foreign special channels). The texture of the fabric is thick and delicate, the surface texture is bumpy and the pattern transition is smooth and clear. It has the characteristics of anti-wrinkle, waterproof and abrasion resistance. In Summer, it is extremely dirt-resistant and in winter, it will not burst due to low temperatures. All leather goods are made from carefully selected leather materials by experienced leather craftsmen, all made with selected materials in combination with traditional leather methods, highlighting the unique texture of each piece of material.

Brand-name luxury goods are uneven in the market and the price is chaotic. Consumers are often dizzy by the market situation, do not know how to choose the right bag. This gives the unscrupulous merchants the opportunity to take advantage of the rhetoric to fool consumers. Some merchants take the Super A rating as a one-to-one level of sales, and even more profiteers take one to one when the original version is sold! These situations have happened! why? It is precisely because consumers do not have a unified market standard and the price concept is used as a reference.

The products sold in this store are superior in quality to the same grade on the market, and the price is 50%-70% cheaper than the market price. Integrity management is our company philosophy and our principle of being true to our word. We have professional processing factory support behind us. Years of production experience have made us the best, and we will repay every customer who believes in us with quality service and products.

As a bag lover, how can you miss this store when you are so savvy? Hurry and pick your favorite bag.


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions32 × 29 × 17 cm


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