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Payment Methods

We can only support these payment methods as a High Quality 1:1 Rep Store.

  • Remitly App (You can download Remitly App for APPLE Store or Google Play Store or you can visit Remitly.com
  • Paypal (Friends and Family Method Only)
  • PayPal Goods and Services is Discontinued due to people reporting replica items to PayPal

How to Pay for Your Order

  1. Place order from our site > Select “Remitly” on checkout.
  2. Check your Email Inbox / Promotions / Spam / Junk Mail and look for “Payment Order for [Order Number]”.
  3. Payment isntructions and order details will be in the email.

Method # 1: Paying via Remitly Website or APP

Payment process: 1 – 3 business days.
Payment method supported: Credit Card / Debit Card / or bank transfer.
[Example: Sending from – USD]

Recipient Details:

Recipient Country: Pakistan

First Name: Bing          Last Name: Bazar

Phone: +92 3168603254

Payment Delivery Method: Select Bank Deposit   Bank Name: Select JS BANK

IBAN Number to use on Remitly: PK89JSBL9527000001872631

See step by step pictures and video instruction below

Video Instructions To Make Payment via Remitly

Step 1: Download and Open Remitly App. Select your own currency in Sending From section and select "Pakistan" in Sending to section and click Next

Step 2: Create your Profile and click on "Join Remilty" Button

Step 3: Enter the order amount in your currency and it will convert it in PKR and then click "Continue" Button

Step 4: Next, Select "Bank Deposit" in the delivery method and click Next

Step 5: Select JS Bank

Step 6: Enter the following IBAN Number: PK89JSBL9527000001872631 and click Continue Button. You can copy the IBAN number from here to avoid errors

Step 7: Enter the following Phone Number: 3168603254 and click Continue

Step 8: Enter your details and click Continue

Step 9: Select Pay with Debit Card or Credit Card. Then Enter Your Card Details to complete payment. You can also click on the "Pay with Bank Account Instead" button to make payment directly from your bank account

After you place your order, Send us a screenshot of the the payment or confirmation email at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +1(279)345-8749

Method # 2 : PayPal Friends and Family Payments Only

Select “Paypal Friends and Family Payment” on the checkout page and complete your order.

Wait for our order confirmation email. We will send you our Paypal link in the email.

You can pay for your order as friends and family method on PayPal.

Method # 3: Paypal Goods and Services Method is Discontinued

Dear Customers,

We are sorry to inform that our paypal account had been permanently limited many times as we have been reported for selling high quality replica items which conflicts against paypal’s policy. It is truly a regrettable event that happened as we initially intended to provide customers with safe buyer protection. Hence, we have no choice but to turn to another payment method now.

We are in the process of implementing credit card as our payment method to ensure a faster and safer checkout. 

We hope to continue to provide the best service to you in the coming future by providing more quality fashion items. Once again, we are truly sorry for the trouble and we wish to have your continuous support!