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How to Make Payment From Paypal

1- First complete the Checkout Process selecting Paypal (friends & Family Payment) as the payment method

2- Then Send the total order amount via PayPal Friends and Family Payment only to [email protected]

3- We only accept Friends and Family Payment method. Please DO NOT send PayPal Payment for Goods and Service. Since we deal in replica items, goods and service payment method is not feasible for us.

4- Any Payment made via PayPal payment for Goods and services will be refunded to you and order will be cancelled.

5- Once again, please note, only make PayPal friends and family payment for your order. After making the payment, send a confirmation message with your name and/or order number to [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +1 (279)345-8749 that you have made the payment.

6- We will only process the order once the payment is received as PayPal friends and family payment only.